Edmund Robertson's CV

Full Name:

Edmund Frederick ROBERTSON

Date and place of Birth :

1 June 1943, St Andrews, Scotland

Education :

Madras College, St Andrews (Tullis prize, Sir William Robertson prize, Dux in Science 1961)

University of St Andrews (Taylor Thompson Bursary)

University of Warwick

Degrees :

B.Sc. University of St Andrews (1965)

M.Sc. University of Warwick (1966)

Ph.D. University of Warwick (1968)

Honours :

Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1997)

Employment :

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, University of St Andrews, 1968-1984

Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, University of St Andrews, 1984-95

Professor of Mathematics, University of St Andrews, 1995-

Positions in University of St Andrews :

Senate 1987-1989, 1991-

Steering Committee of Senate 1993-98

Head of Pure Mathematics Division 1988-1991

Head of Algebra Research Team 1988-97

Director of Micro laboratory 1987-1989, 1991-1994

Member of Equipment Committee 1988-97

Research Student Admissions 1991-1993, 1995-7

Head of School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences 1997-2000

Head of School of Mathematics and Statistics 2000-2001

Associate Director CIRCA 2000-

Member :

    Edinburgh Mathematical Society; Committee Member 1986-1989; Policy Advisory Group 1996-9; Whittaker Prize Committee 1996-97

  1. London Mathematical Society

  2. British Mathematical Colloquium Committee 1990, 1992

  3. Madras College Endowment : Trustee 1986-

  4. EPSRC Mathematics College 1997-9 (Panel Chairman 1998)

  5. Scottish Mathematical Council 1997-

  6. Member of the GAP Council 1997-

  7. EPSRC Peer Review College 1999-

  8. Governor Morrison's Academy 1999-

  9. Member of ILT 2001-

External Examiner :

University of Dundee 1977-81, University of Aberdeen 1991-95, Heriot-Watt University 1995-8, University of Liverpool 2000-

Ph.D. Examiner :

Cambridge, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, Warwick, Bangor

External Assessor:

University of Cambridge Fellowship Competition 1991, Keele University Chair Appointment 1999, Napier University Mathematics and Physics 1999

Awards :

  1. Winner of the 1992 Partnership Award for innovation in Mathematics Teaching in Higher Education Prize of £4 500 awarded jointly for the Mathematical MacTutor teaching software

  2. Winner (jointly with J J O'Connor) of the European Academic Software Awards 1994 for the Best Mathematics Software with Mathematical MacTutor

  3. Winner (jointly with J J O'Connor) of the Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Science Award 1995 (jointly with J J O'Connor), Department of Energy of the United States of America, for "Using a computer to visualise change in biological organisms"

  4. Thirty awards for the WWW MacTutor History Archive on the web

Ph.D. Students:

  1. C M Campbell
  2. M Boral
  3. D G Arrell
  4. P D Williams
  5. A Jamali
  6. K Rutherford
  7. M Yousuf
  8. P M Heggie
  9. A Wegner
  10. T G Walker
  11. B Vatansever
  12. N Ruskuc
  13. M J Brookes
  14. C I Wotherspoon
  15. M Ibrahim
  16. S van Willigenberg
  17. A Cutting
  18. M R Thomson
  19. R Arthur
  20. P P Campbell
  21. A J Cain
  22. I T Durham
  23. E H Kimber
  24. C A S Carvalho
  25. M Waldhausen
  26. N J S N D Silva
  27. D C Sutherland
  28. Marit Hartveit
  29. Elizabeth Rudge
  30. Stefanie Eminger


Joint editor of nine conference volumes

Joint author of seventeen teaching books

Author of about 100 papers in mathematics journals

Edmund Robertson, December 1999