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I am Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the University of St Andrews. A brief CV may be found here .


I ended a four year term as Head of the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the end of July 2001. I retired at the end of September 2008.

School of Mathematics and Statistics


My research interests are in computational group theory, computational semigroup theory and algebra in general. I am a member of the St Andrews GAP team, CIRCA , and the algebra group .

Recent Publications

....may be found here

There is a list of abstracts of some of these papers here

Pure Mathematics Courses History Seminar GAP Seminar

Galway 2007

GAP material

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Postgraduate Students

Recent postgraduate students (either single or joint supervisor) who have completed their doctorate.

Alan Cain

Ian Durham

Elizabeth Kimber

Catarina Carvalho

Maja Waldhausen

Nelson Silva

Dale Sutherland

Marit Hartveit

Elizabeth Rudge

Stefanie Eminger


In 2007-2008 I am teaching History of Mathematics to honours students, and linear algebra and algebra to second year students. Here are the lecture notes for the algebra part of MT2002. Here is a pdf version of the lecture notes for the algebra part of MT2002.

Teaching Software

I am one of the two developers of the Mathematical MacTutor software. This software has received a number of awards.

WWW History of Mathematics Archive

I am one of the two mathematicians at St Andrews developing a History of Mathematics Archive on the web. Go to the Archive.

My Family

My wife is Helena Robertson.We have two sons: David Robertson who studied mathematics and philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, did teacher training in Glasgow, then taught mathematics in Dalkeith, and is now teaching at St Thomas of Aquins Royal High School in Edinburgh; and Colin Robertson who is now working in Hong Kong following a spell in Edinburgh with the Royal Bank of Scotland and then for Coutts Bank in Singapore. He received his CA while working for Arthur Andersen in Edinburgh. He was awarded a doctorate in ring theory in 1999 from the University of Leeds.

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How to find me

Email: efr@st-and.ac.uk

Phone (Work): +44 1334 463702
Phone (Home): +44 1334 473459

Fax (work): +44 1334 463748

Work address: School of Mathematics and Statistics , University of St Andrews , North Haugh, St Andrews , Fife, KY16 9SS, SCOTLAND

Home address: 41 Irvine Crescent, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 8LG, Scotland.

Edmund Robertson, September 2004